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KAI N5220L 8.5" Shears Left Hand
by KAI

UPCs: 4901331501807, 4901331501807
Manufacturer #s: N5220L, N5220L

The Kai 5220L, 8 and 1/2 inch scissor has ergonomically soft handles which allow for fatigue-free cutting on all types of fabric. Cuts multiple layers of denim with ease while trimming cottons without any fabric slippage. Left handers love the feel of


KAI N5100 4" Needle Craft Scissors
by KAI

UPCs: 4901331501746, 4901331501746
Manufacturer #s: N5100, N5100

The Kai 5100 Needlecraft scissor's sharp, pointed tips allow for detailed cutting and trimming. Very popular for trimming threads, Hardanger embroidery, beadwork, rug hooking, and fly tying for fishermen.


KAI N5130 DC Doubl Curve Needle Craft
by KAI

UPCs: 4901331504891, 4901331504891
Manufacturer #s: N5130 DC, N5130 DC

The 5130: 5-inch Double Curve Scissor allows for easy maneuverability while trimming your embroidery hoop designs. The sharp, precise tips provide an accurate cut for embroidery stitches as well. Additionally, this is the modernized replacement of the cl


KAI Patchwork Scissors
by KAI

UPCs: 4901331504471, 4901331504471
Manufacturer #s: N3210SE, N3210SE